Help my swimming pool is green with algae

We are all concerned what we might find when we pull back that winter cover in the spring, the dark green pool of algae is the greatest fear. But dont worry, with the right chemicals it can be turned clear blue in no time. Here is what we do when we are on site dealing with this situation:

  • First you would need to check the PH of the pool with some test strips, if it is 7.2-7.6 it will make the shock treatment much more effective.  Apply PH+ or PH- if required.

Deep blue pro ph minus 1kg

Deep blue pro ph plus 1kg

  • Shock the pool with either liquid chlorine or shock granules (We normally go with the liquid as it acts quicker):

Relax shock chlorine granules 5kg
or a couple of these:
Certikin 10 ltr sodium hypochlorite 10/11%
If you are have a registered business you can buy the really strong stuff:
Certikin 10 ltr sodium hypochlorite 14/15%

If you can engage the pump it will help to circulate and clear much quicker,
alternatively apply all around the pool and stir with the pool net and pole.

  • Once the water is clear I would suggest using a liner cleaner to scrub the walls/floor:

Tile liner cleaner 2 litre

If you dont already have a scrubbing brush attachment for your pole you can find them here:

Graphite 10 Inch wall brush

or the larger (thus quicker) one

Graphite 18 Inch deluxe wall brush

If you often have algae issues you can use:

Certikin 6 Inch algae brush

  • To prevent these sorts of issues happening again in the season you might want to consider an algaecide and/or multifunction chlorine tablets with the algaecide built in, such as:

Deep blue pro algaecide 5 litres

Deep blue pro multifunctional 200g chlorine tablets 5kg

  • And finally, for the end of the season I would propose a winteriser which is a long lasting shock to ensure it doesn’t go as green next year.:

Blue horizons ultimate winter time 5 litre

You were not leaving your trolley like that, were you?

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