500ml Relax Spa Natural Clarifier

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  • Fast Acting Clarifier: Relax Clarifier swiftly removes body fats, oils, suntan lotion, and dissolved metals, ensuring crystal-clear water.
  • Non-Toxic & Biodegradable: Safe for the environment and swimmers, Relax Clarifier is a responsible choice for pool maintenance.
  • Enhanced Sanitizer Activity: By reducing body fats and oils, this product boosts your sanitizer’s effectiveness for a healthier pool.
  • Improved Filtration: Enjoy longer intervals between backwash cycles as Relax Clarifier optimizes your pool’s filtration system.
  • Metal & Oil Removal: Say goodbye to cloudy water – Relax Clarifier effectively eliminates dissolved metals and oils from your pool.
  • Perfect for All Pools: Compatible with all pool treatments and finishes, making it a versatile choice for pool owners.
  • Sparkling Results: Transform a dull pool into a shimmering oasis with Relax Clarifier’s clarifying power.
  • Professional-Grade: Unlike flocking agents, Relax Clarifier keeps matter suspended for easy filtration, ensuring a clean pool.
  • Easy Application: Simple steps for usage – just dilute, distribute, and let Relax Clarifier work its magic for a sparkling pool.
  • Maintenance Made Easy: Follow our guidelines for balanced water, regular use, and enjoy a clear, inviting pool all season long.

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Welcome to the world of Relax Clarifier, your ultimate solution for maintaining a pristine and crystal-clear pool. Dive into a realm of luxury and cleanliness with this fast-acting natural clarifier that is specifically formulated to eliminate body fats, oils, suntan lotion residues, dissolved metals, and pesky dead algae spores. Say goodbye to cloudy, unsightly pool water and hello to a shimmering oasis right in your backyard.

What sets Relax Clarifier apart is its non-toxic and biodegradable composition, ensuring not only a sparkling pool but also a sustainable approach to water treatment. By effectively removing dissolved metals and oils from the water, this clarifier goes beyond surface cleanliness to enhance the overall sanitiser activity, creating a healthier environment for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Who can benefit from Relax Clarifier? Any pool owner seeking to banish metals, oils, or body fats from their pool water will find this product indispensable. Whether you are dealing with a newly filled pool or simply aiming to revitalize a lackluster swimming spot, Relax Clarifier is your go-to solution.

Not all clarifiers are created equal, and Relax Clarifier stands out for its versatility and effectiveness. Compatible with all known pool treatments and suitable for various pool finishes, this product is a versatile ally in your pool maintenance arsenal. Its ability to enhance the filtration cycle means fewer backwash cycles, saving you time and energy while keeping your pool in top condition.

For professional tips, look no further than Relax Clarifier. Unlike traditional flocking agents that leave suspended matter on the pool floor, this product employs a unique chelating process to keep impurities in suspension in the water. As the filter does its job, the suspended matter is captured and removed during backwashing, ensuring a thorough cleaning process without any residue left behind.

When using Relax Clarifier, follow these simple steps for optimum results: first, ensure your pool water is properly balanced. Next, backwash and clean your filter before adding the required amount of clarifier. Distribute the product evenly around the pool, turn on the pump and filter for a minimum of 8 hours, and witness the magic unfold as your pool water transforms into a sparkling oasis.

Make Relax Clarifier a part of your regular pool maintenance routine by repeating the dosage on a fortnightly basis or whenever needed. With its easy application and powerful clarifying properties, this product promises to keep your pool water crystal clear, inviting, and free from unwanted impurities.

Experience the difference that Relax Clarifier can make in your pool maintenance regimen. Dive into a world of clarity, cleanliness, and relaxation with a product that not only delivers exceptional results but also upholds the values of sustainability and eco-friendliness. Trust Relax Clarifier to bring out the best in your pool and elevate your swimming experience to new heights.

Manufacturers description:

Relax Clarifier is fast acting natural clarifier specifically designed to remove body fats, oils, suntan lotion along with dissolved metals and dead algae spores. This product is both NON-TOXIC and BIODEGRADABLE.
Relax Clarifier removes dissolved metals and oils from the water, by reducing the level of body fats and oils, it actually enhances sanitiser activity.
Enhances filtration cycle, increasing time interval between backwash cycles.

Who needs it?Any pool owner who needs to remove metals, oils or body fats from the water.
Any pool owner who has a cloudy, unsightly pool.
Perfect to get rid of all that sun tan lotion which guests may have jumped into the pool wearing.
It should be used in every newly filled pool.
It is the ideal product for the pool owner who wants to add sparkle to a dull looking pool.

What does it do?Relax Clarifier is a unique fast acting clarifying agent which also removes dissolved metals and oils from the water.

What advantages does it have over other similar products?

It may be used with all known pool treatments.
It may be used in all types of pool finishes.
It is non-toxic and fully bio-degradable.
By reducing the levels of body fats and oils, it actually enhances sanitiser activity.
It enhances the filtration cycle, increasing time intervals between backwash cycles.

Professional tips:Unlike conventional flocking agents, this product does not deposit suspended matter on the floor of the swimming pool.
Matter is kept in suspension in the water and this is termed as “chelating”.
Suspended matter is then filtered from the pool and it accumulates on the filter pads or filter media. This matter is removed when the filter is backwashed.

General Instructions

1. Ensure that the pool water is correctly balanced.
2. Backwash and clean the filter prior to use and turn off the pump.
3. Calculate the required amount from the dose rate.
4. Pre-dilute the product into a clean plastic container.
5. Distribute evenly around the pool.
6. Turn on the pump and filter for a minimum of 8 hours.
7. Repeat the dosage on a fortnightly basis or when necessary.

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500ml Relax Spa Natural Clarifier

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