Deep Blue Pro Premium Spa Bromine Starter Kit

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  • Stabilised Brominating Granules: Ensure your spa water stays clean and safe with this powerful sanitizer.
  • Energize Sachet: Revitalize your spa experience with a boost of energy for a refreshing soak.
  • pH Minus (500g & 750g): Easily adjust the pH levels to maintain optimal water balance for comfort.
  • No Foam Solution: Say goodbye to unwanted foam and enjoy a relaxing spa without distractions.
  • Filter Cleaner (500ml): Keep your spa’s filter in top condition for efficient water circulation.
  • Spa Test Strips: Quickly check your water quality to ensure a safe and enjoyable spa experience.
  • Spa Care Booklet: Get expert tips and guidance on maintaining your spa for long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Measuring Spoons: Precisely measure and dispense chemicals for accurate water treatment every time.

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Welcome to the world of luxurious spa care with our exclusive 9-part Spa Starter Kit. Dive into the ultimate relaxation experience as you transform your spa water into a crystal-clear oasis of tranquility. Say goodbye to harsh chlorine and embrace the gentle effectiveness of Bromine with this all-inclusive kit designed to elevate your spa maintenance routine to the next level.

Each meticulously curated kit is a testament to our commitment to quality and convenience. Let’s delve into what this comprehensive package has to offer:

Starting off strong, the kit includes 500g of Stabilised Brominating granules, ensuring that your spa water remains consistently sanitized without the harsh odor often associated with traditional chlorine treatments. With this powerful yet gentle sanitizer, you can relax knowing that your spa water is safe and inviting.

For an added boost of energy, the 30g Energize sachet is your go-to solution. Revitalize your spa experience with this potent formula that renews both your water and your senses, leaving you feeling invigorated and refreshed after each use.

Maintaining the perfect pH balance is crucial for a pristine spa environment, and our kit has you covered with 500g and 750g of pH Minus. Achieve optimal water conditions effortlessly, ensuring that your spa water is not only clear but also gentle on your skin, providing a soothing and comfortable soaking experience.

Say goodbye to unsightly foam with the 500ml No Foam solution included in the kit. This specialized formula eliminates foam buildup, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted relaxation without any distractions. Keep your spa water looking pristine and inviting at all times.

Cleanliness is key to spa maintenance, and our kit includes 500ml of Filter Cleaner to keep your spa’s filtration system in top condition. Remove impurities and extend the life of your filters with this essential cleaning solution, ensuring that your spa water remains pure and sparkling.

Monitor and maintain your spa water with ease using the Spa Test Strips included in the kit. These convenient strips provide quick and accurate readings, allowing you to adjust chemical levels promptly and keep your water balanced for optimal comfort and safety.

Knowledge is power, and our Spa Care Booklet serves as your comprehensive guide to spa maintenance. Packed with tips, instructions, and best practices, this booklet equips you with the knowledge needed to ensure your spa remains a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Measure your way to perfection with the included Measuring Spoons, making it simple to dispense the right amount of chemicals for precise water treatment. Take the guesswork out of spa maintenance and achieve consistently excellent results with this handy tool.

Indulge in the luxury of spa care with our 9-part Spa Starter Kit and elevate your relaxation experience to new heights. With everything you need at your fingertips, maintaining your spa has never been easier or more rewarding. Treat yourself to the best in spa care and enjoy the benefits of pristine water, gentle treatments, and a truly rejuvenating environment.

Manufacturers description:

The 9 part Spa starter kit contains everything you will need to get your spa water sparkling and safe to use with Bromine rather than Chlorine.
Each kit comprises of the following :

  • 500g Stabilised Brominating granules
  • 30g Energize sachet
  • 500g pH Minus
  • 750g pH Minus
  • 500ml No Foam
  • 500ml Filter Cleaner
  • Spa Test Strips
  • Spa care booklet
  • Measuring spoons
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    Five Stars

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    Good Value Bromine Granules

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  10. Daniel Washington

    It only takes 1/2 tablespoon to get the correct levels.

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Deep Blue Pro Premium Spa Bromine Starter Kit

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