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These multifunctional chlorine tablets are an enhanced tablet containing stabilised chlorine, a clarifier and an algaecide. This is a great solution for keeping your pool or hot tub sparkling clear without the need for separate care products. They are great for ensuring hot tub and swimming pool water is safe and bacteria free. The stabiliser helps minimise chlorine loss to sunlight. The clarifier will keep your water clear and prevent it going cloudy. The algaecide helps prevent algae growth and stops your pool going green. With these ingredients combined these multifunctional tablets help provide the best experience for bathers with minimal maintenance effort. They are slow release and will last around 3–4 days depending on the water flowing over them.

They can be used in floating dispensers, chemical feeds and skimmer baskets.

Apply regularly to achieve the recommended free chlorine level of 3-5 mg/l (ppm) for hot tubs or 1-3 mg/l (ppm) for swimming pools. These tablets are slow release, long lasting and have a minimum effect on the pH of the water for a tablet.

Key Features

Its best to operate a free Chlorine Range of 3 – 5mg/l for hot tubs and 1-3mg/l for swimming pools. These multifunctional chlorine tablets are ideal for regular dosing of your hot tub or swimming pool to produce free active chlorine which kills bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms. They contain a high level of available chlorine alongside the clarifier and algaecide.

Application Instructions

1. Maintain pH level within the ideal range of 7.2 – 7.6. If outside this range please use our PH plus or PH minus products to adjust for the best results.

2. Maintain free chlorine residuals for hot tubs between 3-5mg/l and for swimming pools between 1 – 3mg/l (ppm). Freshly filled hot tubs require an initial shock or start up dose of chlorine: 50mg/l (ppm) for 1 hour or 20mg/l (ppm) for 2 hours.

3. For floating dispenser: Fill the floating dispenser with tablets and adjust the aperture mechanism at the bottom of the dispenser to obtain the 3-5mg/l (ppm) desired range. Alternatively keep the dispenser aperture constant and vary the tablets inside to achieve 3-5mg/l (ppm). The dispenser should be removed from the hot tub whilst bathing.

4. For chlorine feeders: Fill the dispenser and follow feeder instruction manuals on flow regulation to maintain required chlorine levels.

5. For skimmer baskets: Fill the basket with 2/3 tablets and monitor levels to maintain required chlorine levels.

6. It is recommended that you periodically (e.g. fortnightly or after heavy use) shock dose your pool to eliminate any excess contamination.

Note: If using in skimmer baskets we would suggest you run the pump often to prevent a build up of chlorine. Please ensure children to not have access to the skimmer as this could be dangerous.

Dose Rates (subject to water flow rate and temperature)

Small pool 40,000 litres of water requires approx 1 tablet to increase the chlorine level by 1mg/l (ppm) or approx 3 tablets to increase chlorine level by 3mg/l(ppm)

Large pool 80,000 litres of water requires approx 2 tablets to increase the chlorine level by 1mg/l (ppm) or approx 6 tablets to increase chlorine level by 3mg/l(ppm)

Stock note: In an effort to provide the quickest possible delivery for our customers we may ship an alternative premium branded product if stocks are low.? These brands will only be Blue Horizons, Deep Blue Pro, Relax or Swim Fresh, all established for a long time in the water treatment industry.

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    Chlorine Tablets

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    It works

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    Low maintenance to keep pool water clean

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