Certikin Solar Sheet Strap Kit – 3 Adjustable Straps (PPSSK1)

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Our Universal Cover To Roller Strap Kit is suitable for most domestic rollers currently available on the market. The nine strap kit (either 1m or 3m straps) contains cover connectors, quick release buckles and a selection of roller connections which allow fitting to the current and old Certikin Atlas roller, the Plastica Slidelock roller and any roller which requires push through grommets (e.g Aquamat) – there is also a self-drilling screw attachment option which will work on practically any aluminium roller tube.Premium Protect Solar SheetWhilst Certikin solar blankets are supplied with a complimentary, basic solar protect sheet, for muchimproved performance and longer lasting protection, the Premium Solar Protect Sheet is the ideal choice.When off the pool and on the reel, any solar cover left unprotected in direct sunlight can be in serious trouble. Temperature within the coiled layers of the cover increases rapidly and can have an irrecoverable effect on the solar blanket – de-lamination being a very common problem seen on an unprotected solar cover. A solar cover is an investment – the Premium Protect Solar Sheet keeps it working at its premium level.- Can reduce temperatures within a coiled cover by up to 30deg C- Significantly reduces risk of non-warranty failure- Extends the life and performance of any solar blanket- UV stabilised reflective material- Easily secured with the Solar Sheet Strap Kit


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Certikin Solar Sheet Strap Kit – 3 Adjustable Straps ONLY

Great for keeping your universal cover attached to most domestic rollers

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