Blue Horizons – TA Reducer 2 X 5 litre Alkalinity TA- decreaser

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An inhibited hydrochloric acid-based liquid for the reduction of total alkalinity.

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Blue Horizons TA Reducer Key Features/Characteristics Liquid for total alkalinity reduction Won’t increase sulphate levels Part of the System Ideal TA range: 80 – 150mg/l (ppm) APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Important – This product should be handled with care. It is advised you wear goggles, gloves and mask respirator.

1. This product should be carefully ‘slug’ dosed into the deep end of the pool with the pump(s) running. If large quantities are required, it may be necessary to apply over a number of days while testing the total alkalinity between each application.

2. After completing the treatment, test and adjust the pH level if necessary. Pool Volume M3 (Ltrs) Gallons 4.55 (4,545) 1,000 11.36 (11,364) 2,500 22.73 (22,730) 5,000 45.45 (45,455) 10,000 68.18 (68,175) 15,000 Dose Rates to reduce TA by 10mg/l 25mg/l 100ml 250ml 250ml 625ml 500ml 1.25ltrs 1.00ltrs 2.50ltrs 1.5ltrs 3.75ltrs

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Blue Horizons

8 reviews for Blue Horizons – TA Reducer 2 X 5 litre Alkalinity TA- decreaser

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