Blue Horizons – AlgiMAX Eliminator 1 X 2 litre Algae mould moss remover

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A long-life copper based algaecidePrevents algae growth for up to 3 monthsConcentrated for economical useAlso popular as a Winteriser

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Blue Horizons AlgiMAX Eliminator Key Features/Characteristics Long life copper based algaecide Algae prevention for up to 3 months Can be used as a winteriser Part of the System Application Instructions

1. Maintain pH level within the ideal range of 7.2 – 7.6. If not in this range, adjust.

2. Check the chlorine level and ensure it is established within the ideal range 1 – 3mg/l (ppm);

3. Gradually pour the solution into the pool, whilst the pump(s) are turned ‘on’ preferably near the water inlets to aid distribution.

4. After the initial dose this product should last for up to three months before further top ups are required.

5. Where used as a Winterising algaecide carry out normal end of season closure procedures (e.g. removing debris and leaves).and ensure good distribution by circulating water whilst the pump(s) are turned ‘on’ for at least 2 hours. Dose Rates Water Volumes Litres Gallons 4,545 11,360 22,700 45,450 68,175 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000 15,000 Initial or Winteriser Dose 100ml 250ml 500ml 1ltrs 1.5ltrs Top Up (3 months) 50ml 125ml 250ml 500ml 750ml

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Blue Horizons

22 reviews for Blue Horizons – AlgiMAX Eliminator 1 X 2 litre Algae mould moss remover

  1. Kirsty Kent

    Valid PoolCleaners Customer As desribed does the job well

  2. Jess Frodsham

    Confirmed Customer Wonderful purchase

  3. Paull Scaplehorn

    Valid Review Very quick delivery

  4. Bonnie Lowson

    Registered Customer 5 perfect

  5. Anthony Jesson

    Valid PoolCleaners Customer This is fantastic I was pleased with quick delivery

  6. Josephine Terris

    Confirmed PoolCleaners Customer Wonderful item

  7. Les Hammill

    Registered Review Very quick delivery thanks

  8. Amanda Shirtcliffe

    Valid Review Very quick delivery thanks

  9. Michael Nichols

    Validated Customer Wonderful product delivered promptly

  10. Mariam Mahmood

    Validated PoolCleaners Customer 5 thanks

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